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With the State of Emergency Declaration causes Japanese language classes by online

14th January 2021



A state of emergency was issued to Osaka Prefecture on Wednesday, January 13th. We have

switched our Japanese classes to online class.


1、Day and time, Start date of online class


Higashi Japanese Class

Day and Time:Sunday 10:00~11:30

First class:Sunday, January 17th



Day and Time : Tuesday 10:00~11:00

First class:Sunday : Tuesday, January 19th


Seinan Japanese Class

Day and Time:Wednesday 19:00~20:00

First class:Sunday:Wednesday, January 20th



Day and Time:Thursday 10:00~11:00

First class:Sunday:Thursday, January 21st



Day and Time:Friday 10:30~11:30

First class:Sunday, January 22nd


Kayano Japanese Class

Day and Time:Friday 19:00~20:30

First class:Sunday : Friday, January 22nd


2、Eligible person

All students who have already registered to Japanese Class.

※We will let you know how to participate the Zoom Class.

※If you wish to sign up Japanese Class, please ask MAFGA or send email to info@mafga.or.jpSome of Japanese Classes are available for new participants(Only for those who can come to the face-to-face class)