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Notice about Measures for New Coronavirus (COVID-19) Prevention

Notice about Measures for New Coronavirus (COVID-19) Prevention

April 11th, 2020
Minoh Association for Global Awareness (MAFGA)

 Due to the Coronavirus(COVID-19), Minoh Multicultural Center will be closed . The Japanese classes and other events and seminars will be cancelled.

About Minoh Multicultural Center suspension

Minoh Multicultural Center will be closed until May 6, Wed. Also Comm Cafe and Onohara Library will be closed.

1. The Facilities and Services which will be Inactive

・Seminar/Meeting rooms/Free space on the 2nd floor

*Even if you already booked for use of those facilities, you cannot use them.

・Issuance of official documents/certificates

2. Closing Period:

8 April (Wed)~ 6 May(Wed), 2020

*Reopening after 6 May will be announced to the situation.

Classes and Events which are cancelled

1. Cancelled Classes

・Sasayuri Tuesdays
・Akane Thursdays
・Multicultural Child Care on Tuesdays and Thursdays
・’Himawari’ on Fridays
・’Kayano Nihongo’ on Fridays
・’Sansan Club’ on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays
・’Saporuto’ on Saturdays
・’Kodomo-Motto’ on Saturdays
・Study Group for Junior and High School Students on Wednesdays

2. Cancelled Events

April 11, Sat: Minoh Hutt Skype session
April 12 Sun: Diversity Cafe
April 15, Wed: ‘Shikamo’ Salon ~’Enjoy Picture Books in the World’ for Adults
April 18, Sat: Minoh Cinemo, ‘Le Cour de Babel—School of Babel’
April 19 Sun: Sunday Book Review
April 26 Sun:‘Let’s Open a Small Box of Arts’ meeting vol.6
May 9 Sat: Minoh Hutt Skype session
May 9 Sat: comm cafe 7th anniversary
May 10 Sun: Diversity Cafe

3. Period of suspension:

From April 1st to May 10th.

*Information from May 12th onward will be announced depending on the situation.

Multilingual Consultation Service will be Available only by Phone or E-mail. Feel free to contact us by phone or E-mail.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Multilingual Desk for Daily Life Consultation

Tel:072-727-6912 (Japanese/English)


We respond to consultations about childcare, education, work, medical care, welfare, visa status or any other problems and worries you might have. Consultations are free of charge and will be strictly confidential.

Date and Time: Tuesday to Sunday 9:00~17:00
How to use our services: e-mail or call our center.
Available languages: Japanese/ English/ Chinese/ Korean/ Portuguese
Location: Minoh Multicultural Center (5-2-36 Onoharanishi, Minoh City)