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Service Suspension of Minoh Multicultural Center/MAFGA(Apr 7, 2020 19:00)

Public facilities including Minoh Multicultural Center in Minoh City is suspended until Wednesday, May 6, due to state of emergency declared in Osaka Prefecture.
Contact below if you would like to talk to Minoh Multicultural Center/MAFGA staff.

TEL: 072-727-6912
FAX: 072-727-6920

Room/Lobby use of Minoh Multicultural Center is suspended.
Even the room is reserved already, you cannot use the facility.
Certificate issue service will also be suspended.
Comm cafe will be closed.

Facility Information in Minoh City

We would like to ask your cooperation.

Minoh Multicultural Center
指定管理者:Minoh Association For Global Awarenes
TEL: 072-734-6258