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About Schools in Minoh City(箕面市内の学校のこと)

As of 6:00PM Wednesday June 20

Elementary Schools and Junior High schools
All the elementary schools and junior high schools in Minoh city will resume on June 21 Thursday. In Toyokawa-kita Elementary School and Dai-ni Junior High school, school lunch will be bread, cheese (all-you-can-eat), peach jelly and milk, because of equipment breakdown in school kitchens. School lunch in other schools will be the same as usual.

Kindergartens and Daycares
Kindergartens and daycares in Minoh city will be as follows from June 21 Thursday.

Public Kindergartens: All Resume
Private Kindergartens: All Resume except Sakuragaoka Kindergarten
Public Daycares: All Resume
Private Daycares: All Resume
Nintei Kodomoen (Centers for Early Childhood Education and Care): All Resume.
※For the children in Misuzu Gakuen Shinmachi Kodomoen, please bring the lunch.
Small-sized Daycares and others: All Resume
※For the children in Pingu’s English Saito, please bring the lunch.

If you have any questions, please contact each kindergarten or daycare.