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【Jan.7, 2016】“Asia” within English-English loanwords of Asian origin and their historical background-






















Global Citizen Series #2 Lecture
“Asia” within English -English loanwords of Asian origin and their historical background-
*Bilingual lecture in English and Japanese*

Identifying and studying the use of English loanwords that originated from Asia provides us with the opportunity to think about the history of interactions between the English-speaking world and Asian nations, and reflect upon the nature of linguistic and cultural exchange.

Lecturer: Bo Tao
Born in Shanghai and grew up in Osaka.
After studying anthropology at Brown University (B.A.) and international relations at Fudan University (M.A.), he is currently completing a Ph.D. degree in history at Yale University. He specializes in modern Japanese history and is interested in one of the foremost Japanese Christian leaders of the twentieth century, Kagawa Toyohiko.

Capacity: 30 (registration required)
Location: comm café (inside the Multicultural Center)
Participation fee: 1 drink or food order (¥200~)

Registration and Inquiries
Sponsor: Minoh Multicultural Center
(Designated administrator: Minoh Association for Global Awareness Foundation)