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Job Seminar 2014 held at MAFGA

Job Seminar 2014

As always, this year at the Mino City Center for Global Awareness, we are holding a job support seminar for foreigners who are working in Japan.

While people may have skills, experience, and a strong desire to work well, it can be difficult getting a job due to differences in culture and language. This seminar is for people who are having these difficulties. From November, we will hold the seminar four times, and help foreign residents of Mino learn to write resumes and do interviews, do job counseling, and lastly hear the stories of those who found jobs and are working in Japan.

At the seminar we held on February 3rd, three foreigners told their experiences of working in Japan, and many people such as staff from the NPO Kurashizukuri Network Kitashiba, and the HR Manager of a local enterprise came to hear.

At the seminar, the audience was able to hear many different perspectives. For example, people brought up the importance of continuing a single job to create connections, the handicap foreigners have working in Japan, the importance of conveying oneself to one’s coworkers, asking others for help when they have troubles understanding, and the importance of not being late.

The NPO staff also gave many suggestions to the participants such as finding someone to confide in if they are having difficulties at work. A business representative also suggested that workers tell them when there is something they don’t understand, explained preparing in advance is the norm, and warned that misunderstandings can happen if people do not say anything when there are differences in religion or culture.

In the second half, we split up into tables and had an informal mixer. Listeners were invited to each table and workers were able to get information about how they can solve their troubles.

Here at the Mino City Center for Global Awareness, we will continue to provide support to the foreign residents of Mino. If you ever need assistance, please make use of our multi-lingual consultations held every Tuesday.