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The latest (Apr.-May.) “THE MINOH POST” (a multilingual living guide) is ready.

多言語情報誌「みのおポスト」 最新版 【2019年4月12日発行】

A Multilingual Living Guide “THE MINOH POST” The latest issue  【published on April 12, 2019】

다언어생활정보지 「미노오 포스트 」 최신판  【2019년4월12일 발행】

多语言生活信息《箕面信息》 最新版(中文) 【2019年4月12日发行】


【Contents】 APR/MAY 2019

≪Top News≫ P.1

・Recruiting Lecturers for Teaching the Culture of Your Country at Elementary Schools


≪Voices of International Residents≫ P.1-3

No. 12  Ms. Napharawee Nakagawa


≪Minoh City Information≫ P.4-9

・Measles and Rubella (MR) Vaccination

・Students Can Postpone the Contribution Payment of the National Pension (“Special Payment System for Students”)

・Maternity Period Exemption of the National Pension Contributions (Effective April, 2019)

・The Way to Bring Waste to the Environment Clean Center Changed

・Garbage Collection of “Cassette-type Gas Cylinder” and “Spray Can”

・Be Very Careful April – June! Cover Raw Garbage with Net to Prevent Crow Damage

・Schedule for “Golden Week” Holidays (from April 27 to May 6)

・Municipal Housing Is Available


≪Information from MAFGA≫ P.9-12

・Interns Wanted!

・Recruiting Lecturers for the Multicultural Awareness Program for Elementary Schools

・Nepal Café in comm café

・Picture Book Storytelling Sessions for Grown-ups

・Celebrating the 6th Anniversary of “comm cafe”

・Diversity Café – Let’s Talk about Diversity


≪FY2019 MAFGA Calendar≫