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The latest (Aug-Sep) “THE MINOH POST” (a multilingual living guide) is ready.

多言語情報誌「みのおポスト」 最新版 【2017年8月9日発行】

A Multilingual Living Guide “THE MINOH POST” The latest issue  【published on August 9, 2017】

다언어생활정보지 「미노오 포스트 」 최신판  【2017 년 8 월 9 일 발행】

多语言生活信息《箕面信息》 最新版(中文) 【2017年8月9日发行】

≪Top News≫
・Supporting Programs for Pupils from Abroad
≪Voices of International Residents≫
No.2 Ms. Adline Keri and Mr. Ngoko Brandon
≪Minoh City Information≫
・Application for Provisional Welfare Benefits Ends on October 10, 2017
・National Health Insurance (NHI) :Individual Out-of-pocket Limit Certificate after August 1, 2017
・When You Are Unable to Pay National Pension Contributions
・Now Those Who Paid Pension Contribution for 10 Years Are Eligible for Pension Benefit
・Subsidies for Single-parent Families
・Child Rearing Allowance and Special Child Rearing Allowance
・Applying for Municipal Kindergartens (Entry in April 2018)
・Ticket for Free Garbage Bags Mailed
・Consultation with a Lawyer Is Available
・Prepare for Typhoons as Soon as Possible
・Fireworks : Fire Prevention Tips
・“Rightpia 21” Will Open Monday as of This October!
・Recruiting Art Work Submissions for the 60th Minoh Citizen Exhibition
≪MAFGA Information≫
・Picture Book Storytelling Sessions
・Interacting with Residents of Hutt City via Skype
・Brazil Book Cafe (Café com Livros)
・DJ for “GOOD DAY Minoh” in English Wanted
・Exhibition of Panels on Historic Scenes for Future
・Multilingual Consultation about Going to a Japanese High School
・Multiethnic Festival 2017
≪Information and Events≫
・The Osaka 8.8 Million Drill –Tuesday, September 5, 2017
≪Information of Daily Life≫