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The latest (Dec-Jan) “THE MINOH POST” (a multilingual living guide) is ready.

多言語情報誌「みのおポスト」 最新版 【2017年12月13日発行】

A Multilingual Living Guide “THE MINOH POST” The latest issue  【published on December 13, 2017】

다언어생활정보지 「미노오 포스트 」 최신판  【2017년12월13일 발행】

多语言生活信息《箕面信息》 最新版(中文) 【2017年12月13日发行】

The garbage collection schedule during Year-end and New Year Holidays
연말연시 쓰레기 수거일

≪Top News≫
・Multiethnic Festival 2017
≪Voices of International Residents≫
No.4 Ms. Park Yanghee
≪Minoh City Information≫
・Disabled People’s Medical Care Certificate (Shogaisha Iryosho) and Single Parent Family Medical Care Certificate (Hitorioya Katei Iryosho) Were Renewed
・Discount Coupons for Influenza Vaccinations for Children
・Application for After-school Care Program Starting April 2018
・Applying for New Entry into Nurseries
・Year-end and New Year Holiday Closings
・To Prevent Fire-setting
・Prevent House Fires – to Safeguard Lives
・Annual Emergency Drill – Wednesday, January 17, 2018
・Minoh City Hospital “Gan Salon Yuzu”
≪MAFGA Information≫
・“Philippine Night”
・ Interacting with Residents of Hutt City via Skype
・Enjoy “Katariai Cafe (Talks at Cafe)”
・Picture Book Storytelling Sessions (in Hindi & Thai)
・Vietnamese Lunar New Year (Tết)
・Support Events for International Residents to Get a Job
≪Information and Events≫
・Minoh Lifeplaza Winter Festival
・Coming-of-age Ceremony of Minoh City
・The Brain-Satisfying ♡ Fusen (balloon) Volleybal
≪Information of Daily Life≫