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The latest (Feb-Mar) “THE MINOH POST” (a multilingual living guide) is ready.

多言語情報誌「みのおポスト」 最新版 【2017年2月14日発行】

A Multilingual Living Guide “THE MINOH POST” The latest issue  【published on February 14, 2017】

다언어생활정보지 「미노오 포스트 」 최신판  【2017 년 2 월 14 일 발행】

多语言生活信息《箕面信息》 最新版(中文) 【2017年2月14日发行】

≪Top News≫
Team Shikamo, an International Citizen Group Voluntarily Active in the Community
≪Minoh City Information≫
・Apply for Provisional Welfare Benefits by Wed., March 1, 2017
・Medical Program for Children Will Be Extended to 18 Year Olds from April
・For Those Who File Final Tax Return
・Filing of Final Tax Return of Municipal and Prefectural Taxes
・Elementary School and Middle School Attendance Notice
・Free Legal Aid Service for Single-parent Families
・Municipal Certificates Are Available at Convenience Stores
・Please Take Care of Your Outdoor Water Pipes
・Garbage Collection Schedule and District Plan to Be Changed in April
・Things Needed for Dog Owners
≪MAFGA Information≫
・Brazil Book Cafe(Café com Livros)
・Lawyer’s Free Consultation Service for Foreign Citizens (During February)
・Onohara Marche
・Picture Book Reading Session (in Thai)
・Schedule of Japanese Language Classes “Sasayuri” and “Akane” from April
・Language Classes for International Awareness
≪Information of Daily Life≫